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  • 執筆者の写真香月葉子

Frozen Gaze


The wind howls

through concrete walls

She calls back her days

from the eyes of her doll

abandoned in an empty swimming pool

The doll made out of celluloid is never weathered

She waits for another summer

to come to destroy her


with its dust and heat

But she still makes mistakes

this icy wind for her lover’s whispering voice

this razor blade for her lover’s tender touch

She can't remember when she lost her lover

It’s torture

The shadows of her past never speak

She feels ashamed of how she looks

Her lust

her muted scream

imprisoned inside an abandoned house

by a lake where no fish can survive

turns into a frozen gaze

unbearably slowly

She takes a trip down memory lane

perhaps through the solid darkness

of this winter night

Everything descends to the lake

It’s true

With her pale smile

she remains intact under icy water

under the thick ice

covering the lake forever

She knows

even a pebble remains silent

unless this whole world disappears


She knows

living means replaying


She waits

waits with her eyes wide shut

and falls into a solid silence

with the gaze

with the haunting eyes of a dead woman


All Materials ©️ 2021 Kazuki Yoko

All Rights Reserved.


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