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  • 執筆者の写真香月葉子

You and Me in a Car


Picture this

A couple in a car riding

Not a big fancy car, nor a sexy expensive car

just an ordinary car, but it looks nice and cool maybe

because the couple look nice and cool

and are gifted in their singular way

Picture a couple in a car riding forward

Not so fast, nor so slow

Most of the time the couple knows where to go

Sometimes the couple don’t know where they are heading for

It doesn’t matter

Riding in a car, not knowing where to go

It’s fun, it’s a pain, it’s a joy, it’s a joy and a pain

That’s life

That’s how the world goes

They are just moving forward, running, driving, cruising

through some cities, countryside, rivers, and mountains

sometimes lakes and tunnels and seaside

It doesn’t matter whether they are riding in a car in their homeland

or in a foreign land

Riding in a car, not knowing where the hell they are

It sometimes happens

but it doesn’t matter

That’s also life

It’s fun, it’s a pain, it’s a joy

It's the joy and pain of life

They see a lot of things

trees and greens and streets

streets and boulevards and buildings

houses and people

People are like trees on the move

They are a part of an interesting landscape, of a strange landscape

The couple sees days and nights

They are not extraordinary things, nor incredible things

just some interesting things

some funny, sad, joyful, painful things

Sometimes they see rain, clouds, and crowds in the rain

They see mountains and lakes in the silent mist

They see blue skies through the ravine of skyscrapers

and illuminations spread over the city at night

They see lots of lights, gorgeous, delicious lights

They see solid darkness too

Then the light of day

Picture this

A couple in a car riding forward, always forward

They are us

You and me


All Materials ©️ 2021 Kazuki Yoko

All Rights Reserved.


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